Stop-SMS Service

"Stop-SMS" Service is required to be added at the end of the SMS message, to allow each message recipient to unsubscribe from the list of the sender. This service is very important especially for companies with large contact lists in order to make it easier to keep your list up to date according to the GDPR requirements.

By activating the Stop-SMS service you get a 22-XXXX XXX phone number which you must add at the end of each message. The recipient that wishes to unsubscribe from your list will call this number (22-XXX XXX) and will be notified by the answering machine that their number will be deleted automatically within 24 hours. When the number is deleted from the contact list, a confirmation SMS will be sent to the recipient's mobile phone.

Service Providers Credits per SMS
€171,36 (cost per year) All 10


  1. All prices include VAT.
  2. For every unsubscription, 10 credits will be deducted from your account. The recipient who wishes to unsubscribe will not be charged. For the Stop-SMS service to work properly, make sure that there are credits in your account.