If you want to integrate the ability to send SMS to your website or application, then you can take advantage of the webSMS interface via API.


SOAP API provides interaction between applications running on different operating systems via HTTP, and with different technologies and programming languages. SOAP exchanges XML messages over HTTP (S) and thus allows you to connect your company's client applications to the webSMS service.


RESTful API provides interaction between applications via HTTP, as another way to connect to deliver SMS messages. To use the REST API you will need to be sent a key which you will use in the HTTP header for each request. The REST web service uses a JSON request that specifies the message you want to send. The service responds back with a JSON request including some special identification indication of the requested request.


Email to SMS service allows companies to easily integrate the email software they already use with the webSMS platform in order send SMS messages. This service receives emails and automatically converts them to SMS compatible format by forwarding the SMS to the recipients. This facility is very simple and allows the conversion of the mail client or other system, to connect to your webSMS account for sending SMS.

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