Service usage

Examples of the service's usage

The possibilities of integrating our SMS solutions in your daily business are very broad.
Below you can find a few examples of how it can be used:

- SMS reminder for meetings, events
- Informing customers about new products, prices, promotions
- Greeting messages to company's/ organisation's customers
- Invitations for meetings, events
- Information for financial matters
- Mobile marketing to attract visitors, customers
- Contact community members

Mobile Marketing Tips

You have 160 characters to get your message across

Targeted to the Correct Audience
Delivering a personal message to the most personal mobile device requires that you understand your audience, their age group, sex and interests in order for your message to be effective.

Make the message valuable enough for the receiver.

The SMS must be sent on the right time in order for the user to take advantage and for you to succeed your purpose.

SMS abbreviations

In order to fit the most information into the message there are some standard accepted abbreviations. They can be very helpful but it also should be noted that since clarity is very important using unclear abbreviation can diminish the impact of the message. Listed below are some of the common abbreviations.
:-( = Sad
:-) = Happy
:-D = Laughing
2 = To
2B = To be
2Day = Today
2Moro = Tomorrow
4 = For
8 = Ate
ASAP = As soon as possible
B = Be
B4 = Before
CU= = See you
CUL8R = See you later
CW2Cu = Can't wait to see you
D8 = Date
EZ = Easy

F2T = Free to talk
F8 = Fate
FYI = For your information
GR8 = Great
L8 = Late
L8R = Later
LOL = Laugh out loud
LUV = Love
M8 = mate
MUV = Movie
NO1 = No one
PCM = Please call me
PLS = Please
QT = Cutie
R = Are
R8 = Rate
RUOK = Are you OK
SHPN = Shopping
SPK = Speak
SPST = Same place, same time
THNQ = Thank you
THX = Thanks
U = You
W/O = Without
W84M = Wait for me
W8N = Waiting
WAN2 = Want to
WB = Welcome Back
WKND = Weekend
WOT = What
WRK = Work
WRU = Where are you
WTG = Way to go
XLNT = Excellent
Y = Why